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Our Music Lessons

At LB Music School, we offer a variety of music lessons from acoustic or electric guitar, piano as well as singing.

Most music schools try to offer music lessons in everything under the sun, which means they don’t really specialized in anything. We focus on guitar, piano and voice because those three instruments work well together and have a lot of cross over. It also means that we are able to focus our music lessons and workshops to best fit the needs of our student population.

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Electric Guitar Lessons
Acoustic Guitar Lessons
Piano Lessons
Singing Lessons

Don’t Forget About Our Workshops & Performances!

We not only provide music lessons, we also offer opportunities for our student to perform via Open Mics and Recitals throughout the year. Performances provide student with great goals to work towards and motivate them to keep progressing and getting better.

We have many workshops that we offer including song writing, jam classes, ensemble classes and song circles where student come together to learn and play music with each other. This make lessons fun and helps build a community of students that help and support each other.

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